How to: ROOM DECOR (Color Scheme + Furniture)

Here is the much awaited inside scoop on my room decor details and how I found my style!

Let me start by saying that your room should be unique to you. It's great to look at different rooms, but use that as inspiration, not a copy and paste!

How to get inspired?

1. Pinterest, pinterest, and more pinterest. Pinterest is a world of unending DIY, inspiration, recipes, quotes, and literally everything. So, go into it knowing what you like. For instance, be specific in your searches. Instead of, "bedroom ideas," try, "neutral palette bedroom ideas," or, " modern traditional bedroom ideas." This will help you stay from being bombarded with so many different bedroom inspos and leave you in opposite directions.

- I prefer greys, whites, and golds. (Kinda basic I know, but those colors give my bedroom simplicity and room to switch out accent colors easily!) My pinterest search included, "grey and white bedroom ideas." This will mostly bring up grey, white, and silver, so I imagined gold where it was silver.

2. Simplicity is key. A bedroom should look cozy and simple, sophisticated, and elegant, and it doesn't matter your decorating style. Your bedroom is the place you go most of the time to unwind. If it's overloaded with bold colors, decor, and furniture that doesn't need to be there and makes it crowded and it won't be a great place to unwind.

How did you come to decide what you needed in your bedroom?

1. I wanted a more organized and flowy space. (Flowy meaning everything has a place versus a organized mess.)

2. I kept in mind I wanted it to be simple, but not boring. A place I was happy and comfortable to be in.

Keeping that in mind, I analyzed my room and came to a conclusion of things I needed to either purchase or upgrade.

Things I needed in my room (upgraded as well):

- Dresser

- Nightstand

- File Cabinet

- Desk

- Headboard

Remember my color scheme from earlier. White is one of my primary colors because of its lightness it opens up a space and keeps a clean look. (Dark furniture creates a more dramatic look, which is opposite of what I wanted.)

Where did you decide to purchase furniture? and How did you make up your mind?

1. I knew my color scheme. I was looking for white furniture, that is simple and can work with my room to promote a clean, but not boring look. I kept seeing a white dresser on pinterest that would always look the same, but have small differences like different knobs. I did some research and found out it was an ikea dresser that has a clean and simple look to it. Meaning it would be easy to customize and change around, should I want too!

2. Keeping a unified look. For me I wanted a unified look in my room so I went to ikea and saw everything in person and put together everything from the Malm line together and decided that was what I wanted. I wanted a desk that worked as a vanity as well, but wanted it to look similar to my other furniture, so I stayed within Ikea to find it.

3. You never want to make as big of a purchase as furniture that won't grow with you as you decide to change color schemes or even bedroom styles.

Whew, I know that was a lot of information to take it, but use this time to find your style. Try asking yourself, "What is my interior design style?" "Which color do I prefer more, dark or light?" "What feel do I want when I walk in my room?" Use pinterest, read blogs on home decor (specifically bedroom), check out instagram, look around your room now and so much more to get inspired!

Below I'm linking where to purchase my furniture and don't forget to read my next post in this series, "How To: Room Decor (Decorations + Miscellaneous)"



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